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Inspection and Testing Services

Advanced Fuel Systems and Modern American Safety Training are partner corporations with common ownership.  AFS/MAST provides a wide range of specialty inspection programs and services.  We have the training, personnel, equipment, and experience required to meet the inspection needs of a range of specialty industries.  Some of our areas of expertise include:

Airport Fuel System Inspection and Filter Services

Advanced Fuel Systems, provides services to airport fuel farm operators to ensure that all of their tanks and equipment comply with FAA, NFPA, and fuel refiner standards for performance and fuel quality.  As part of these services we verify operation of Deadman Controls, differential pressure gauges, water slug valves, and thermal bypass systems.  We also provide a range of services including filter media changes and strainer cleaning and system adjustments and repair.

Underground Storage Tank Inspections

We have a trained and Certified Underground Storage Tank Inspector (CUSTI) on our permanent staff, as well as licensed underground storage tank installers and technicians.  We provide a full range of services including permit-compliance inspections, periodic inspections, underground tank testing, automatic tank gauging and leak detection system testing and verification and system troubleshooting.  We perform tank interior inspections including ultrasonic thickness testing to ensure compliance with 2004 U.S.E.P.A. SPCC tank inspection requirements and new underground lined tank inspection requirements of Ohio BUSTR and the State of Michigan.

Above Ground Fuel Storage and distribution system Inspections

AFS/MAST is a recognized expert in the design, inspection, and testing of above ground fuel storage and distribution systems including storage tanks, piping, pumping, filtration, and truck loading systems.  AFS/MAST has designed and installed monitoring systems for above ground tanks, specialty filtration and distribution systems, and ground-verification systems and provides a full range of above ground storage tank and piping testing services.  We perform tank interior inspections including ultrasonic thickness testing to ensure compliance with 2004 U.S.E.P.A. SPCC tank inspection requirements.